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We love business. We love the excitement, adventure and freedom that doing what you love for money can bring. We also love other people having business successes too.

Clever Acorn is all about sharing knowledge from people who have trod the path you are about to embark upon. They will have created successful careers and businesses and are then generously passing on honest advice to others who wish to make that same leap.


Our Clever Acorns are not there to either persuade or dissuade you into following them.  Their position is neutral but they will talk you through the secrets to their success. You will get the insider track on all you need to know about starting out in that profession and all from someone who has been there found what works and what doesn’t and has succeeded.

Going into business is a risk and can be an exciting but daunting step. We intend to help you minimize the anxiety, “not knowing” and the time wasting that can go on when considering your own enterprise.

A Clever Acorn course is an investment. It gives you clear and informed insights, minimizes nasty shocks and will help you develop clarity about taking the next step. 

So make your first wise business decision signing up for a Clever Acorn course.

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Carole Ann (left)

Since re-training to become a coach over 10 years ago I have found the process of running a business as satisfying as coaching my amazing clients. I get a real buzz out of learning new ways of marketing and presenting my services, inventing creative solutions to the economic climate and growing and developing myself along with the business. Often it seems the sky’s the limit. Having your own business is an exciting adventure which offers endless fascination, freedom and limitless potential. I am passionate about helping others achieve success in their own enterprises and genuinely feel deep satisfaction seeing others flourish and reap the rewards of their own personal endeavors and courage. I believe Clever Acorn offers the first stepping stone to pave the way to a possible new career of your dreams while giving you that reassuring reality check before you leap.”

Karen Adams (right)

Ever since I opened my first café I have had people come and ask me if they could pick my brains as they wanted to open a café also. My feeling was always ‘why not?’ It’s hard enough starting a business as it is and if I can give someone a helping hand then I should. Now that those first casual conversations have turned into Clever Acorn, I couldn’t be more excited about being involved in people’s business ideas and helping them get off to a flying start.”