Take a product to market

Spend a day with Justine learning all the key factors that go into getting your product ‘out there’.


Take a product to market

Justine Cather

Take a product to market

One day

From Farmer's Market to Supermarket

Do you have an amazing product that you think deserves to sit on a supermarket shelf but don’t know how to get it there?  It could be the homemade chutney you make for friends and family every Christmas, or are already selling at your local farmer's market, and everyone tells you that it should be in Waitrose. Or it could be an idea for something that isn’t currently available and you know that it would be popular if it was.

The prospect of selling your product or getting it into shops or supermarkets is exciting. You will be thinking of the volumes you will be able to sell and therefore the profits you will make. However it can also be a very daunting. Where do you start? What are the pitfalls and how much investment will be needed? These are just some of the things I will be covering in the course. In just one day I take you through the whole process step by step explaining every aspect of how to get your product listed in a major retailer.


Justines top 10 tips for launching a product

  • Spend time in the place you want to sell in.
  • Test your product by selling online or at a farmers market.
  • For food products be inovative with prolonging shelf life.
  • Practice your pitch, be ready with a 30 second pitch as well as a 5 minute pitch.
  • Give your designer an accurate brief.
  • Keep packaging simple.
  • Speak to others in the business
  • Sample your product as much as you can.
  • Reward your super-fans regularly.
  • Build a strong team around you.


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