How to open a successful cafe

Spend a day with Karen learning all the key factors that go into opening a successful café with her 'Open a Cafe' course.


How to open a successful cafe course

Karen Adams

How to open a successful cafe

One day

Spend a day with Karen learning all the key factors that go into opening a successful café on her Open a Cafe course


“When I talk to people who are interested in opening a café or coffee shop the same questions come up time after time”

  • What makes a good location?
    It is crucial to the success of your business that you get the location right. On the cafe course I go into great detail about what you must look for and what to avoid.
  • How many coffees/cakes/sandwiches will I sell in a day?
    When you are doing a business plan these are the sort of questions you need answers for. You can either pluck figures out of thin air or boldly walk into a café and ask them. Either option is not going to work. However on my cafe course I happily share information about what we sell in our cafes. You will leave the course well equipped to build a realistic business plan.
  • How much money will I make?
    I show you how to price your menu and pay your staff in order for you to be able to build a profitable business. I will help you work out how much money at the end of the day will be left for you!
  • How much will opening a café cost me?
    There are all sorts hidden costs that unless you have done this before you may not have thought of. On the cafe course I give you the benefit of my experience of where to spend your money most effectively and where you can save. You will come away with a realistic idea of a budget.

As well as answers to all the questions you haven’t yet thought of, you will come away with lots of supporting material, a list of trusted suppliers and the benefit of Karen’s money saving tips.

Following the completion of the cafe course Karen offers email support and will answer any questions that may crop up as you go through the process of opening your café or coffee shop.

We guarantee you will leave confident in the knowledge that you have all the information to hand that you will need to open and run a highly successful cafe. So give your business idea a flying start by spending a day picking Karen’s brains, learning what you must know before you open your business.


Karen's top tips for running a successful cafe.

  • Play to your strengths; build your cafe around your passions
  • Give people a reason to come to your cafe
  • Work hard at building up trust with your customer
  • Really understand your figures, the finances must stack up.
  • It is all about location

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